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Fasting from Electronics

This month many of my neighbors are fasting from food and drink from sunrise to sunset. Fasting can be very healthy. Fasting means we abstain from something. We can fast from food and drink for a day or even a month.

I want to talk about fasting from something else: electronics.

Have you ever fasted from your digital world? For a day? Or a week?

Consider how much time you spend on your devices.

Consider how much this has increased since the pandemic.

What if you could have some of that time back?

I have good news: you can if you fast from electronics!

Off-screen time is rare these days.

To think, read, write, pray, or talk with a neighbor.

Consider what you would like to do with off-screen time.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Practice a digital fast for a day. Or a few days. Or a week. Let people know you are on a “screen vacation”. Use that time to do something good for your soul. For example read, converse, walk, pray, or write.

  2. Consider less screen time every day or some days. Follow a strict schedule according to your watch. Let people know you will be offline for that amount of time. Use that time to be mentally creative.

  3. Finally, work efficiently when you use your devices. Then turn it off and do something create e. Or go and be with someone. If necessary, schedule “in real life” time with people. You will be happier!


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