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Row a boat

I have a small plastic one-person row boat. I use it in the sea every week. Rowing is one of my favorite hobbies. It is great exercise. Rowing uses 85% of your muscles without experiencing a lot of pain. My 56 year old body likes that. I can stay fit without getting hurt.

Rowing also makes you breathe hard. This is great for my lungs, heart, and blood flow. I get tired quickly. Especially in waves and wind. I can stop and rest. And then keep going. I noticed that I am improving. I can row without stopping for longer periods of time. At first, I rowed for 10 minutes. Then 15, and then 20, and now I can row for 30 minutes without stopping! Well, I may still stop sometimes.

Rowing is also enjoyable, by myself and with other people. I like to invite friends to go to the sea when I take the boat. We take turns rowing and enjoy time together. Rowing is easy to learn with the right boat. My boat is low, flat, and wide. People can easily get in, row, and get out. No special skill is needed. Rowing an easy boat is fun for all! Rowing is not only great exercise, but is a friendly experience.

One more thing: I want to row more often in the winter when the water is cold. I like to swim in the winter. But, I think I will enjoy rowing too, especially on very cold days. And I will continue to invite friends. So far no one swims with me in the winter, but maybe some will row!


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