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Making Sheep Yoghurt

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

I starting making my own yoghurt from sheep's milk. I learned to love yoghurt living in Turkey. Yoghurt is rich in nutrients, probiotics, and protein.

Step one: I buy milk from a dairy farmer in the village or at our neighborhood farmer's market. I often buy both cow's and sheep's milk and mix them. Lately I only buy sheep's milk. I prefer sheep's milk which has more protein, fat, and vitamins, plus about twice the amount of calcium and zinc. Also, it is very delicious and creamy, and makes rich, thick yoghurt.

Step two: I slowly heat the milk in a pan, stirring frequently. You don't want the milk to burn or curdle. Cream will form on the top which I stir back into the milk. Tiny bubbles will begin to form on the sides of the pan. Nearly done. I keep stirring until I see tiny bubbles on the surface of the milk. I turn off the heat. I keep stirring as the milk slowly cools.

Step three: While the milk is still hot, but not too hot to touch, I add two tablespoons of yoghurt culture (from yoghurt I made the week before) and then stir it into the very warm milk. I put the lid on the pan, wrap it in a towel, and let it sit and cool very slowly for eight hours. During that time the milk turns to yoghurt. "Yoghurt" is originally a Turkish word used as both a noun, and as a verb!

Step 4: I unwrap the pan and open the lid. Surprise! The milk has turned to yoghurt! I put in in a container and refrigerate it. I eat cold creamy yoghurt with oatmeal and fresh fruit every day. It stays fresh all week. Home-made sheep yoghurt from fresh farm milk is full of nutrition and delicious. Perfect for any meal of the day. Enjoy!


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